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There is no such thing as a completely "non-allergenic" cat breed.

It is true, the Russian Blue is one of the few cat breeds that rank very low on the feline allergy scale. This is due to their minimal shedding & low production of a protein called; glycoprotein Fel d 1 (which in layman terms is the most common feline allergen to humans, but not the only allergen). So while some people with cat allergies will be more tolerable of a Russian Blue, or completely unaffected, there is still a chance a person will still be symptomatic.

Will a Russian Blue affect you? TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

If you or someone in your family (including existing pets) is known to be allergic to cats, I strongly recommend purchasing an allergy test blanket before adding a Russian Blue kitten to your household. These blankets have been slept on by at least four Majestic Russian Blue cats for a minimum of two weeks. The sample blanket will be mailed to you in a sealed bag. Blankets are limited. If there are no blankets available, you will be advised by email & receive one in the order received. Please email Majestic Blues Cattery with you name & address after making your purchase. If you decide to purchase a Majestic Blues kitten, the cost of this allergy test blanket will be credited back. You have nothing to lose!

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Allergy Test Blanket


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Allergic to Russian Blues? Purchase a test blanket that several different Majestic Blues cat have slept on before committing to your new furry friend. If you decide to a Majestic Blues kitten is right for your family, this cost will be credited back. If the mailing address is different than what's on your PayPal account, email me with your correct address.