Affection Level: High   

Friendliness: Medium   

Kid-Friendly: High   

Pet-Friendly: High  

Exercise Needs: Medium   

Playfulness: Medium   

Energy Level: Medium   

Intelligence: High   

Tendency to Vocalize: Low   

Amount of Shedding: Low

Amusement: Very High!

Thought to have originated from the Archangel Islands of northern Russia, it's believed this breed descended from the pets of Russian Czars. Sometimes called Archangel cats, the first recorded appearance of the breed outside of Russia was in 1875 at the Crystal Palace in England. Sailors brought the cats from the Russian islands to Great Britain & Northern  Europe throughout the late 1800's. The breed was further developed after their numbers were drastically reduced on the Eastern Front of World War II. With the dwindling Russian Blue population, breeders began crossing them with the Siamese cats. It is thought, this is where the faded stripes on a Russian Blues tail originates from. 

Russian Blues are a unique breed with many desirable traits. They have short yet very soft bluish-silver tipped fur. Russian Blue kittens have beautiful bright sapphire blue eyes at birth. As they age their eyes go through a majestic transformation, turning from a grayish blue to a bright emerald green, becoming more vivid with age. Their "Russian Smile" reminds me of a child that's up to no good & has a way of brightening your mood. By nature the breed is calm, loving, easy going & quiet. I would say they have the affection, loyalty & demeanor more akin to that of a dog, than a cat. My kings & queens even enjoy a game of fetch & will follow you around the house as you move from room-to-room. They are also an extremely intelligent breed & bring a lot of entertainment to the household with their crazy antics & ceaseless curiosity.

Russian Blues are known to take an extra liking to one particular "human friend", so I strongly recommend stashing some tasty treats in your pocket until they figure out who that "human friend" is.

Russian Blues are one of the few "low-allergen" cat breeds, however; they are NOT allergy-free (see Allergies page for more information). They have minimal shedding, are rarely destructive & are also very good with children, dogs & other cats.