Delivery Options


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19, airlines are currently NOT transporting live animals. Hopefully, this will not be an issue much longer. Unless picking up in person, your kitten will continue to be cared for until ready to go to their forever home. Enjoy my site and stay safe!


To make your purchase as pleasant as possible for you & your kitten, several options are available. Kittens will only be released to go to their forever home at 16 weeks of age & only after a veterinary health check & full recovery from their spay, or neuter procedure (runts may take slightly longer). If for any reason your kitten is deemed not ready for a safe journey by my veterinarian, you will be contacted immediately & given an alternate date. The health of the kitten is placed above all else!

  • Local Delivery: Majestic Blues offers FREE ground delivery up to 120 miles from St. Louis, Missouri. If you prefer this method & live further away, the cost is $1.35 per mile (not including the first 120 miles). Often buyers elect to meet halfway. Remaining balance, including any additional mileage charges are due upon delivery in the form of cash. A soft pet carrier will be included.

  • Air Delivery: This option offers a temperature controlled compartment within a passenger aircraft & is a very safe option for your kitten’s transportation needs. If there are any concerns regarding delays, or dangerous temperatures, your kitten will not be release. You will be contacted immediately with a reason & given an alternate date. Cost for this service is $425 to all international airports within the continental United States & Alaska (additional kitten's ship together at NO extra cost). This price includes the airline approved health certificate & rigid “cargo type” pet carrier that will be yours to keep. Full payment, including delivery, must be paid no later than two weeks prior to the delivery date by; bank transfer, Venmo, or PayPal. There is a 3% fee on PayPal transactions. 

  • St. Louis Lambert International Airport Pickup: Your kitten can be picked up at St. Louis International Airport. You will be responsible for arranging your return flight "in-cabin" pet fee (usually $125 per kitten). If you are planning to extend your stay in St. Louis, delivery can be arranged prior to your return flight. Remaining balance is due at time of pick up in the form of cash. An airline approved soft pet carrier will be provided for you to transport your kitten home safely.