Majestic blues cattery - Code of ethics

As a TICA certified & listed breeder, Majestic Blues Cattery is held to a higher standard & are bound to follow the organizations "Code of Ethics". These qualities are what make Majestic Blues Cattery stand out from mere kitten producers & backyard breeders. The welfare & safety of Majestic Blues kittens & cats takes precedence above ALL else!

  • I will guarantee the kitten is in good health at the time of delivery. 

  • I will urge the purchaser to have the kitten examined by the purchasers own veterinarian within three (3) days of purchase to confirm his/her good health. 

  • I will only allow INDOOR cat household adoptions. 

  • I will provide a written sales contract that describes all the terms of the sale. I will abide by the sales contract. 

  • I will spay or neuter kittens or cat prior to leaving the cattery, or withhold pedigree application documents until proof of surgery.

  • I will not release a kitten until he/she has been inoculated for the following: Panleukopenia, Feline Rhinotracheitis, & Calicivirus.